No Messy Fingers

Are you a sponger and get ink on the fingers?  No more with this new Stampin’ Up! tool.   Let me tell you all about it and then watch the video.

                                                  What are Blending Brushes?

     Blending Brushes are a high-quality tool that helps you pick up the ink onto the bristles. This allows you to apply ink to your projects. You do this in a swirling motion which allows you to achieve soft and even coloring. You can apply multi-colors.


     Stampin’ Up! Blending Brushes have a sturdy flexible handle with a large head. The brushes are fine, but tightly packed brushes give a soft touch. These qualities allow for beautiful blending.


     You are going to find many benefits such as adding just a touch of color around the edges of your project.  If you add more color, you can fully color the area of your project. You can add multiple colors to your project. I know you will discover other ways to color your projects with the brushes.  You will no longer have unwanted ink on your fingers that transfer to your project.

                                                                 How to Start

Watch the video and learn how easy it is to use the Blending Brushes.

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I will have a Facebook Live on January 7th,2021  at 2 o’clock.  I will be showing more of the new products in the Mini Catalog.

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