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There is a lot of news plus the technique video, but before we get to it I apologize for not sending it out yesterday.  I was gone all day and when I got home the sirens sounded all evening.  We had storms until late last night.  I didn’t want to record with sirens going off. By way, we are fine.

I am going to start with some of the news and you will be able to read more after the videos.  The first video is a special announcement on the subject of Online Classes.  They are back and better than ever.  Watch the video to see why. Then check all the details after the technique video.


Here is the technique video and I think it is very interesting.  You are all Stampin’ Up! orderers.  So what comes in your box that you don’t use?  Bubble Wrap.  Have you thought of using it on a card? Watch and see how easy it is to create a unique card.


Online Classes

Welcome to my Online Classes.  I know you will find them helpful and very informative.  Each class comes with a PDF and video, but this is not all.  Within the class, you will receive a PDF and a step by step video for each card/project.  I will have 4 cards/projects in each class plus additional photos for ideas. Some classes will have a technique in them which is the case for my first Online Class.  Here is a sneak peek of a card in the first class Lillypad.  I will not be showing every card/project in that class.  You will need to click both buttons to be enrolled and receive your material.  Remember there will always be an Early Bird Special which will allow you to save.  Please join me for the first card project, I know it will be helpful.  Here is the sign-up formYou will need to click both buttons. One is to sign up and another to pay.  Remember Early Bird Special ends June 13th.  After that please select the Regular Drop.   

LillyPad Lake Class
This class has 4 cards to it plus additional photos to give you ideas. You will receive a video for each card plus a PDF for each card. The first card is a technique card. You will have lifetime access to the instructions and video. The cost is $25, but you an Early Bird Special good until June 13th.

Class Fee

You will find all classes as I add them to this link New classes will first on the classes.

Color Revamp

Here is a special announcement about my new Color Club. It will make it easy to get the new colors. There are 16 new colors plus 5 new In Colors.  In the Spring I helped a lot of people to slowly acquire the Blends. I am doing a similar thing without the in-person classes.   I am leaving up to you to choose the new colors you want.    Here are the details:

  • it last 4 months which means 4 colors per month
  • make a minimum purchase of $42 with the new colors (you can add anything else to the order)
  • place your order by the 15th of the month
  • at the end of 4 months, you will receive a $20 credit on anything you want
  • once a month a Private Facebook group with special projects to replace the in-person classes (includes Prizes, permanent access to this group)
  • you will have an opportunity share and post your ideas

Now is the time to join!  Click here  (Please ignore the 2 blank boxes beside message and adding new color). Any problems email me at [email protected]  Happy Stamping!

Color Revamp
I understand by joining the Color Revamp Club, I will be required to order at least $42 a month from Stampin Pink Rose online store. At the end of 4 months, I will receive a $20 credit of my choice. Orders need to be placed by the 15th of each month using a specific Host Code that I will provide


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