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Today is going to be a big and busy day. So I am going to call this housekeeping today.  I belong to a group and we are starting the Twelve Weeks of Christmas.  However, this is available if you are on my mailing list only.  These projects will not appear on my blog.  If you are receiving my newsletter you will receive this and don’t need to do anything. You must sign up for my mailing list to get all the great ideas from different people.  It will not just be cards.  There will be other projects. You will receive one Christmas idea once a week for the next twelve weeks starting Tuesday October 6th.  This a private group you have an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their work.  YOU NEED TO SENT ME AN EMAIL BY MIDNIGHT Wednesday AT PAMELAPINKROSE.COM to receive all of the Twelve Weeks of Christmas.  If you delay you will be missing some ideas.

New Hostess Codes

Here’s How It Works:

  • Get The Code—I’ll open up a workshop for you and generate a Hostess Code for your event.
  • Share The Code—You’ll provide that Hostess Code to all your stamping friends and encourage them to order.
  • Order With The Code—Friends from anywhere in the country can order online and plug in your Hostess Code.  Their online orders will ship immediately directly to their door, while the total of their purchase gets added to your workshop.

Shipping Charges For Online Orders—Online orders are processed as individual orders, which means that there is a minimum shipping charge of $6.95, or 10% of their order, whichever is greater.

How Does It Benefit Hostesses & Guests?

Collect Orders From Anywhere—You’ll be able to collect more orders from people who live outside of your area or simply can’t attend your event!

Direct Delivery To Guests—You won’t have to worry about delivering orders to guests who order online…it ships directly to their doorstep!

Clearance Rack Items Count—Clearance items are only available through online orders, but they’ll now be able to count toward Hostess Benefits!

Receive Orders Faster—Online orders process an ship immediately, so guests won’t have to wait until the workshop is officially closed before their order is placed.

Two  Ways To Start Using Hostess Codes TODAY!

  • Schedule a Workshop or Private Class—Invite your friends to a fun stamping event, presented by me at your home or mine, then open your ordering up to all of your friends around the country!
  • Schedule a “Catalog Party”—Collect online orders only.  Gather a few friends through social media and combine their orders to maximize the hostess benefits!


Leave comments in the comment box below or email me at to get your Hostess Code.

If you attended the Craft Show this last weekend at the Iowa Fairgrounds, I enjoyed meeting everyone.  Tomorrow I am going to see if I can get videos back. Keep your figures cross that the camera is working.


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Knock Knock

Who’s is there?  I it is me with Halloween card #5 .  This card has a history on the design.  A few weeks ago I visited a house from the 1600’s and no we do not have houses that were built in that time period.  This gentlemen had a house from the 1600’s taken apart and rebuild.   It is essentially a castle or manor house because of the arch windows and doors.  So I was looking at the doors and this idea came to me.  See what you think.

Mini Albums 032

This a fairly easy card using the brick textured folder, the color wash stamp, wood grain embossing folder, the wreath, and the bird punch.  I already had the stamp “dare to open.”  Just round the corners of the door and a brad. The bird makes me think of the Raven.

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Exciting Developments!

In order to  provide my clients  the highest quality designs,  I am still making changes to my blog.   I will be doing occasional videos, but not on a regular basis. Instead, these videos will in the VIP. I will still give WOW Wednesday.  Additionally, there will be a WOW WOW Wednesday which will give more ideas. The double WOW Wednesday will be only available in the VIP.  The VIP is no longer free.  There will be a $9.95 charge monthly. This is so I can bring you more high quality designs. Here you will find the PDF which are no longer available on a regular basis on the daily blog. It will be in the VIP.  I hope you will join me in the VIP.  Information on how to sign up will be coming shortly.

Now for WOW Wednesday.  It is currently suspended because my video camera is still giving me problems.  I am hoping by next week the problem will be resolved.  When WOW Wednesday   returns the focus will be on punches. I appreciate your patience and understanding.


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