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Stampin Pink Rose blog is for everyone — whether you are a beginner, in the middle, or experienced. It doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist.  In fact, I think hobbyist have the most fun because they can create whatever they want without any pressure or deadline.   How many have seen a stamping project and thought it was beautiful, but said “I could never do it.  I don’t have any creative talent.”  I have been making greeting cards for over 10 years and craft fairs 8 years.  This is a comment I hear constantly at the craft fairs.   But you can!  Now I want you to think back to your childhood.  Have you done paint by the number?  So I want you to think about the video as your paint by number.  I have distinguished my videos as simple and more detailed. Note I didn’t call them difficult, because they aren’t. These are just more steps.  So let’s l look at the simple videos (they will be growing in numbers), they are called “I Can Do It!”  This is because I have set it up to be 3, 4, or 5 steps.  It is a matter of cutting, gluing, and stamping.  I give the measurements and supply list just as I do in the more detailed videos plus step by step instructions on the video and a list below.

The next group of videos (they to do will grow) is called “Let’s Have Some Fun!”  These require more steps and more supplies.  For example,  you may use 3 or 4 stamps.  It will be more stamping and arranging your stamps. You may need a framelit. They are not difficult! 

The third group of videos is Hot TipsThese videos are short and contain one idea.  So if you are having a problem, see if I offer a solution with my video.  If you don’t find your answer email me at pamela@stampinpinkrose.com.  I will find an answer for your question.

The final group of videos is called Techniques.  This again will grow over time.  These videos will explain your Big Shot and using the framelits.  It will offer ways to make your project shine with a wide variety of techniques.

I have set up my blog to be friendly for everyone.  This means I am here to help you enjoy the wonderful world of stamping. I have a monthly newsletter and a weekly update which gives you lots of information plus an exclusive PDF.  If you want more you can choose VIP for $9.95 monthly or Stamp Club which includes the VIP. Before you make a decision, read the benefits of the VIP and the Stamp Club.

So I want you explore the videos and the navigation bar across the top and don’t forget different buttons on the side such as the “Personal Touch” and the categories.  I want you to enjoy stamping. My goal is to help you be inspired, to create, and share your projects with family and friends.

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