Choices Are Sometimes Hard

Sept 1 2015 005

Sometimes choices are hard to make on what to post.  Today was that way till I opened the newspaper.  A friend of mine whom I have not talked to in awhile passed away.  Her son and my son played baseball together and was in Cub Scouts together.  She shared the responsibility of the Cub Scout Den with me.  You know how  busy our lives get in the way.  We had not talked in a couple of years.  Don’t let this happen to you.  So here is a sympathy using Serene Silhouettes.  If don’t need a sympathy card,  here is a friendship card.  Let this be the day you reach out to someone or reconnect.

DSC_0339 Dragonfly

This card was created using the Awesomely Artistic Stamp set.

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